Terrestrial Molluscs in the Dry Grasslands of the Dnipro Upland (Central Ukraine): New Records, Rare Species and Conservation Potential

Balashov, I., Vasyliuk, O., Shyriaieva, D., Shvydka, Z., Oskyrko, O., Marushchak, O., Stetsun, H., Bezsmertna, O., Babytskij, A., Kostiushyn, V.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/vzoo-2018-0001


Thirty-six species of terrestrial molluscs were found in the dry grasslands and rock outcrops of the study area, including three that were not previously known for Central Ukraine: Granaria frumentum, Pupilla bigranata and Mediterranea inopinata. These species are relics related to dry open habitats and require conservation in Ukraine on the national level, G. frumentum is already listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, and the other two should be listed in its next edition. It is proposed to create the new protected areas in the most important newly revealed locations of these species. These rocky areas also retain the high diversity of land molluscs in the region. The invasive snail Xeropicta derbentina was found for the first time on the Dnipro Upland, on the edge of natural dry grassland. The rare native snail Morlina glabra was recorded for the first time in Kyiv Region, it is proposed to be included into the regional red list.