A Review of Species Diversity, Distribution and Ecology of Freshwater Gastropod Molluscs Inhabiting the Ukrainian Transcarpathian

Anistratenko, V. V., Furyk, Yu. I., Anistratenko, O. Yu., Degtyarenko, E. V.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/vzoo-2019-0033


The diversity of freshwater gastropods recorded in the Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine is reviewed and comments on their distribution and ecology are provided. Thirty-five species were revealed in samples collected from the lowland and mountainous parts of the Ukrainian Transcarpathia. Three species are recorded for the fi rst time in the regional fauna: Viviparus sphaeridius, Bithynia troschelii and Segmentina montgazoniana. For species found in the region brief remarks on the biotopes in which they were registered and relevant taxonomic comments are given. The most distinctive features of the mollusc fauna of Ukrainian Transcarpathia are considered; the presence as well as the absence of some taxa in comparison with adjacent regions is discussed. The results of our observations confirm that the distribution of gastropod species depends on the types of waterbodies and their altitude location. The presented data contribute to the knowledge of the regional malacofauna and should help to assess the biogeographic status of the Transcarpathian Region more clearly.