Influence of Global Weather Conditions on Timing of the Spring Migration of Birds in the Kaniv Nature Reserve (Central Ukraine)

Grishchenko, V. N.



I studied the effect of North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) on the phenology of spring migration of birds in Central Ukraine. Data for arrival and departure of 92 species collected in 1987 to 2018 were used. Th e statistically signifi cant correlation was found for 33 (35.9 %) bird species. 50 coefficients were negative (82.0 %) and 11 ones positive (18.0 %). Th e majority of relationships have been shown in February (12) and March (22). In April, they became more rarely (5). Th ere was only one signifi cant value for January and May. For 20 species correlations were found with averaged indices including three months (January to March). The relationships with NAO indices were much commoner for the short-distance migrants (63.3 % of studied species) than for birds wintering in tropical and Southern Africa (20.5 %) and the intermediate group (18.8 %). Wintering birds showed 8 signifi cant coeffi cients in 3 species (42.9 %). Statistically signifi cant coeffi cients of correlation ranged in absolute values from 0.35 to 0.80. Th e average absolute values were very close for different groups of species. The overall mean made 0.50 0.01 (n = 61).