Color Features of Sand Lizards, Lacerta agilis (Sauria, Lacertidae), in Kyiv Region (Ukraine)

Nekrasova, O. D., Oskyrko, O. S., Marushchak, O. Yu.



The article describes the study of distribution and morphological features of different morphotypes of sand lizards (Lacerta agilis) of the Kyiv Region. To sum up, 5 morphotypes of L. a. chersonensis were found in the Kyiv Region: bilinear (61.9 %); intermediate form (intermediate version) (17.3 %); trilinear (3.2 %); var. erythro-(viridi-)nota (16.2 %); and the rarest var. con-(bi-)color (1.4 %). According to the morphological features’ varieties erythro-(viridi-)nota lizards differ mostly from all other morphs (Na/Lor)(2/1 — 44.4 %), in the 15–17 rows 18(14–23) scales. They are most often found in forest biotopes. Th e remaining bi- and trilinears are characterized by Na/Lor (1/1 — 50.9 %), in the 15–17 rows 9.5 (6–13) scales.