The Spider Mite Schizotetranychus spireafolia (Acari, Tetranychidae), Specific Pest of Spiraea in the A. V. Fomin Botanical Garden

Zhovnerchuk, O. V., Chumak, P. Ya.



The spider mite Schizotetranychus spireafolia Garman, 1940 is found on plants of the genus Spiraea L. in A. V. Fomin Botanical Garden, Kyiv (Ukraine). This is the second record of the species in Ukraine. The species diagnosis with measurements of body, legs and dorsal setae for male and female mites was given. New data on distribution, ecology of mites is obtained, and damage to plants was described for the first time. Th e pest density was different on various species, forms and sorts of Spiraea L. plants, and did not depend on leaf pubescence.