Clonal Structure of Some Weevil Species (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from Central Ukraine

Nazarenko, V. Yu., Morozov-Leonov, S. Yu.



The clonal structure of the populations of nine weevil species (family Curculionidae) from central Ukraine was analyzed. Clonal diversity varied extensively among studied species. The level of clonal variation of some species (Otiorhynchus ligustici, O. raucus, Liophloeus tessulatus) is high, within some other species (O. tristis, Tropiphorus micans) it is low. The constant heterozygosity of lot of genes has been demonstrated that it may be a proof of the hybrid origin of the studied weevil populations. The asymmetry of some obtained electrophoretic spectra was observed. This can be a consequence of their polyploid nature. The signifi cant interpopulation differentiation of most of the species studied was demonstrated.