New and Little-Known Species of Casebearers (Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae) from Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Budashkin, Yu. I., Bidzilya, O. V.



Multicoloria jukkai Budashkin & Bidzilya, sp. n. is described from South-Eastern Kazakhstan and South-Eastern Ukraine. Casignetella pokrovkella (Baldizzone & Tabell, 2007), comb. n. is found in South-Eastern Crimea. The larvae host plant of the second species is Climacoptera brachiata (Pall.) Botsch. Adults and the genitalia of both species are illustrated. The following new combinations are proposed: Casignetella psamata (Falkovitsh, 1973), comb. n. and Casignetella cyrta (Falkovitsh, 1973), comb. n.