The Carpomyini Fruit Flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) of Europe, Caucasus, and Middle East: New Records of Pest Species, with Improved Keys

Korneyev, V. A., Mishustin, R. I., Korneyev, S. V.



Based on previously unpublished specimens from the collection of I. I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology (Kyiv), all the species of the tribe Carpomyini known to occur in Europe and Asia westwards of the Caspian Sea and Afghanistan, are listed. The melon fruit fly, Carrpomya (Myiopardalis) pardalina (Bigot) is recorded for the first time from Ukraine and Europe, and Carpomya (s. str.) vesuviana (A. Costa, 1854) for continental Ukraine, based on collection material. Carpomya (Goniglossum) liat (Freidberg, 2016), comb. n., is established as Goniglossum has not been adopted at the genus rank. New records and illustrated keys to species are given.