Terrestrial Molluscs of the Tsyr-Pripyat Area in Volyn (Northern Ukraine): the First Findings of the Threatened Snail Vertigo moulinsiana in Mainland Ukraine

Balashov, I., Yarotskaya, M., Filatova, J., Starichenko, I., Kovalov, V.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/vzoo-2017-0031


26 species of terrestrial molluscs were found in the studied area, including the rare and globally threatened Vertigo moulinsiana that is listed in “Habitats Directive” of the EU and in numerous red lists. Until now it was known in Ukraine only by one population in the Crimea that became extinct in 2014. Its conservation status, taking threats into account, is considered to be “Critically Endangered” on the national level in Ukraine. The characteristics of the phytocenoses to which it is restricted and the associated molluscan faunas are discussed.