Peculiarities of Population Structure and Hybridization of the Genus Carassius (Cyhriniformes, Cyprinidae) in Polyssia (Northern Ukraine)

Mezhzherin, S. V., Kokodiy, S. V., Pukhtaevitch, P. P., Kulish, A. V.



Study of population structure of crucian carps in the mixed forests zone of Northern Ukraine (characterized by ample diversity of unregulated aquatic systems) showed the presence of diploid C. ņarassius and C. auratus, triploid C. gibelio (represented by a series of clones), C. auratus x C. ņarassius diploid hybrids, and tetraploid hybrids between C. ņarassius and C. gibelio. The crucian carps of the region compared with those of more southern zones of Ukraine are characterized by numerical prevalence of unisexual form of Ņ. gibelio, and relatively restricted hybridization of C. ņarassius and C. auratus.