New Genus and Species of Gall Midges (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae, Porricondylinae, Holoneurini) from the Late Eocene Amber of Olevsk (Zhitomir Region, Ukraine)

Fedotova, Z. A., Perkovsky, E. E.



Gall midges are reported for the fi rst time in Late Eocene Rovno amber from the Olevsk, Zhitomir Region. This is the second amber locality to yield gall midges in the Zhitomir Region, after Gulyanka. Rovnoholoneurus gen. n. and two new species, Rovnoholoneurus davidi sp. n. and R. miyae sp. n. are described. Bryocrypta laqueata Fedotova, 2005 is transferred to the genus Rovnoholoneurus, and Rovnoholoneurus laqueatus (Fedotova, 2005), comb. n. is established. A key to the species of Rovnoholoneurus is provided.