Key to the Species of Ukrainian Notodontid Moths (Lepidoptera, Notodontidae) on the Egg Characters

Dolinskaya, I. V.



A key for identification of 39 species from 20 genera of Ukrainian notodontid moths based on the the eggs is provided. Reliable diagnostic characters, which do not disappear with the injury of eggs or eggs preserved for a long time in alcohol were used. Th e characters as egg shape, egg and chorion colour, shape of gnawed holes in eggs before setting out of caterpillars, the type of oviposition and the chorionic sculpture are applied. Clear characters that are typical for the live eggs, which vary in the process of egg development are revealed. Th ese are characters of egg colour and pattern. In the key such characters are kept by stable signs that do not disappear aft er eggs traumatizing. The key is illustrated in details with photographs made using a digital camera and scanning electron microscope.