The Use of Ciliates (Cliliophora) for Bioassay of the Toxicity of Insecticides

Mamedova, V. F., Alekperov, I. Kh.



Field and laboratory experiments have been carried out to determine the degree of toxicity in the soil community of ciliates of two insecticides: ”Confi dor Extra” and “Decis Profi ” at concentrations of 80 mg/l, 50mg/l and 25mg/l. Laboratory experiments were performed with the soil ciliates species Colpoda cucullus (Muller, 1773). Changes in phagocytosis and osmoregulation were used as indicators of the survival and physiological parameters. In addition to the laboratory experiments, we carried out field experiments on experimental plots (50 x 50 cm) of the virgin soil. Field experiments were carried out in 5 replications. Th e results showed that the modifi cation of physiological parameters is thinner exponent toxicity than survival.