Finding of Two Species from the Tribe Synhimantea (Nematoda, Acuariidae) in the Kyiv Zoological Park

Syrota, Ya. Yu., Kharchenko, V. O., Lyaskivskiy, V. N., Kobylinsky, V. V., Vasylkivska, I. B.



Th e article presents the description of Desportesius sagitattus (Rudolphi, 1809) and Dispharynx nasuta (Rudolphi, 1819) based on original studies of the material collected in the Kyiv Zoo. De. sagitattus was found in Ukraine for the first time. Di. nasuta, found in Grus grus Linnaeus, 1758, is uncommon parasite of this host species. Larvae of Di. nasuta from the intermediate hosts, woodlice Oniscidea spp., are also described.