Review of the Genus Geloemyia (Diptera, Pyrgotidae), with Discussion of its Taxonomic Position

Korneyev, V. A.



Species assigned to Geloemyia Hendel, 1908, Trichempodia Malloch, 1930 syn. n., Parageloemyia Hendel, 1933 syn. n., and Dicranostira Enderlein, 1942 syn. n. are shown to be congeneric. Geloemyia is refined to include eight species: Geloemyia cheni Kim, Han & Korneyev, sp. n., Geloemyia cockerelli (Malloch, 1930) comb. n. (= Trichempodia cockerelli Malloch, 1930), Geloemyia dorsocentralis (Hering, 1940) comb. n. (= Adapsilia dorsocentralis Hering, 1940), Geloemyia quadriseta Hendel, 1933, Geloemyia stylata Hendel, 1908, Geloemyia wonjuensis (Kim & Han, 2001) comb. n. (= Parageloemyia wonjuensis Kim & Han, 2001) from Eastern Asia, Geloemyia namibica sp. n., from mainland Africa (Namibia) and Geloemyia trifasciata (Enderlein, 1942) comb. n. (= Trichempodia trifasciata Enderlein, 1942) from Madagascar. Geloemyia nigrofasiata Hendel, 1933 based on a single male is supposed to be a junior synonym of G. quadriseta Hendel, 1933, based on females, but the synonymy is tentative. A key to species is provided. The genus Geloemyia belongs in the tribe Pyrgotini forming (or belonging to) a basal lineage in the subtribe Adapsiliina together with Pyrgotomyia Hendel, 1914 and Porpomastix Enderlein, 1942.