Toponyms and Ethnonims in the Names of Rovno Amber Animals and Plants

Perkovsky E. E.



Out of 49 names of genera described from Rovno amber, 10 names (20.4 %) are related to Ukrainian toponyms. One way or another, 15.7 % of names out of 217 animal species described from Rovno amber and 67 % out of 6 described plant species are related to Ukrainian toponyms and ethnonyms. Today, only 8 out of 217 species described from Rovno amber, are known from Baltic amber. The ratio between Ukrainian and Baltic toponyms in the names of Rovno representatives of any given family directly depends both on the degree of exploration of a family in the corresponding faunas and floras, and on the degree of a family’s link with the ecosystem of the amber forest itself. Ant Formica paleopolonica Dlussky is recorded for Rovno amber for the first time.