The Genera Nemotelus and Oxycera (Diptera, Stratiomyidae) in the Arasbaran Forests

Khaghaninia, S., Kazerani, F., Hauser, M.



The soldier flies of the genera Nemotelus Geoffroy, 1762 and Oxycera Meigen, 1803 collected in the Arasbaran forests (northwestern of Iran) during 20092012. A total of nine species were collected of which eight species [Nemotelus rudifranci (Berezovsky, Nartshuk. 1993); N. nigrinus Fallen, 1817; N. notatus Zetterstedt, 1842; N. pantherinus (Linnaeus, 1758); Oxycera fallenii Staeger, 1844; O. meigenii Staeger, 1844; O. notata Loew, 1873; O. trilineata (Linnaeus, 1767)] are recorded for the first time from Iran. Data on the geographical distribution of these species with figures are provided.