Taxonomic Revision of the Striativentre Species Group of the Genus Tetramorium (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Radchenko, A. G., Scupola, A.



The Tetramorium striativentre species group is revised. Workers and queens of the species of this group are characterized by the unique for all other Palaearctic Tetramorium species feature: the first gastral tergite, or at least its anterior half, is very densely and distinctly longitudinally striato-punctated. We place six species to this group, including two new ones: T. striativentre Mayr, T. schneideri Emery, T. kabulistanicum Pisarski, T. saudicum Sharaf, T. sabatinellii sp. n. from Jordan, and T. pisarskii sp. n. from Afghanistan. Additions to the diagnosis of T. striativentre and T. schneideri and the first descriptions of males of these two species are provided, and a key to species of this group is compiled.