Acanthocephalans of the Genus Centrorhynchus (Palaeacanthocephala, Centrorhynchydae) from Birds of Ukraine with the Description of a New Species

Lisitsyna, O. I., Greben, O. B.



Th e article presents the results of the investigation of material on the genus Centrorhynchus Luhe, 1911 stored in the collection of the Department of Parasitology, Schmalhauzen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Five species: Centrorhynchus aluconis, C. globocaudatus, C. spinosus, C. conspectus and C. polissiensis sp. n. were studied and described. Centrorhynchus polissiensis sp. n., differs from all known species by the complex morphological characters, in particular, by the formula of proboscis hooks in combination with the number of large hooks with roots, by the number of hooks in anterior part of the proboscis, and by comparatively smaller eggs. C. polissiensis sp. n. is most similar to C. aluconis, C. conspectus and C. globocaudatus. The main diff erences between the species are in the proboscis armament, 1317 hooks in a longitudinal row in C. aluconis, 16 18 hooks in C. conspectus vs 1920 hooks in C. polissiensis sp. n., and in the egg sizes, 5665 x 2830 for C. aluconis, 6872 x 3335 for C. conspectus vs 4555 x 25 for C. polissiensis sp. n. C. polissiensis sp. n. differs from C. globocaudatus in shape and morphology of the proboscis hooks. We do not confirm the record of C. amphibius from birds of the territory of Ukraine. The data on synonymy, hosts and distribution in Ukraine and in the world are given for seven species of the genus recorded in Ukraine. Illustrated descriptions about the material of collection are presented for five species. We provide an identifi cation key for nine species of the genus Centrorhynchus of the birds of the fauna of Ukraine and adjacent territories.