Breeding Avifauna of the Waste Water Treatment Plants, Located in Northern Left -Bank Part of Ukraine

Fedun, O. M., Usov, O. Ye., Gavris, G. G.



Over the years 2005–2012 avifauna was studied of 17 waste water treatment plants, located in the Chernihiv and Sumy Regions (northern left -bank) of Ukraine. 81 species of 30 families and 14 orders were registered. Taking into account landscape and technological peculiarities of the waste water treatment plants the follows zones of the birds’ distribution were distinguished: zone of water areas, agro-meadows zone, zone of dams, technological zone. It was noted that birds occurred in diff erent zones unevenly. Maximal species number and diversity of ecological structure of the breeding avifauna was noted within the water bodies and dams. In terms of landscapebiotopic characteristic in waste water treatment plants dominated dendrophilous and wetland birds.