A Case Study of the Herb-Dwelling Spider Assemblages (Aranei) in a Meadow Under the Power Transmission Lines in Ukrainian Carpathians

Prokopenko, E. V.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/vzoo-2015-0009


The fauna and structure of herbdwelling spider assemblages in mesophitic meadow under the high voltage power line near Irliava village (Uzhhorod District, Transcarpathian Region) were analyzed on the material collected by sweep netting. The counts were held at five sampling sites: 1) under the wires; 2) at a distance of 50 m; 3) 100 m; 4) 150 m; 5) 200 m. In total, 41 spider species of 14 families were collected. Erigonoplus globipes (L. Koch, 1872) and Hylyphantes nigritus (Simon, 1881) were recorded in the Carpathians for the first time. The reduction of total number and species richness of spiders was registered as the approaching to the high voltage power line. Except single fi nds, no species avoided the wire nearest sites (050 m). Abundance of most spider families (except Araneidae) was not signifi cantly influenced by distance from the high voltage power line.