Attempt to Define the Complexes of Bat Ectoparasites in the Boreal Palaearctic Region

Orlova, M. V., Orlov, O. L.



The article presents the most complete data on the distribution of ectoparasites in the boreal Palaearctics (gamasid mites of the genera Spinturnix, Macronyssus, and Steatonyssus, bat flies of the family Nycteribiidae, fleas of the family Ischnopsyllidae) and its preferences for the hosts. On the basis of these data as well as the data for the resettlement of bats in Eurasia 30 species of boreal bat ectoparasites combined into three faunal complexes (Transpalaearctic, European-Ural and Siberian-Far East) and two groups (European-Ural species, penetrating to the east and Siberian-Far East, penetrating to the west). Th e boundary between the European-Ural and Siberian-Far East faunal complexes is situated presumably along the Irtysh River. Th e resulting zoning provides a new look at the parasitocenosis of ectoparasites in the taiga zone of the Palaearctics.