Pyrgotid Flies Assigned to Apyrgota. III. Species of Afropyrgota gen. n. and Tylotrypes (Diptera, Pyrgotidae)

Korneyev, V. A.



Afropyrgota gen. n. (type species: Apyrgota marshalli Hendel, 1914) is established to include five species, Afropyrgota copelandi sp. n., Afropyrgota mambilla sp. n., Afropyrgota marshalli (Hendel, 1914) comb. n. (= Apyrgota marshalli Hendel, 1914), Afropyrgota ota sp. n. and Afropyrgota uzungwa sp. n., occurring in the tropical part of Africa. All species are described, illustrated and keyed. The new genus is similar to Eupyrgota Coquillett in having large size and wasp-like appearance, wing with spurious vein inserted at deep and sharp bend of R2+3, and femora with two ventral rows of shortened and thickened setae, clearly differing by the lack of the finger-like projections on presternum and sclerotized hooks on oviscape. Four species formerly assigned to Apyrgota are shown to belong to Tylotrypes Bezzi: T. breviventris (Shi, 1996), comb. n.; T. fura (Shi, 1996), comb. n.; T. jiangleensis (Shi, 1994), comb. n.; T. longa (Shi, 1996), comb. n.; in addition, 2 species are transferred here from Campylocera Macquart and Adapsilia Waga: T. fuscipes (Wulp, 1885), comb. n. and T. hispida (Kim & Han, 2001), comb. n. A revised diagnosis of the genus Tylotrypes is given.