A New Genus and Species of Cestodes (Cyclophyllidea, Gryporhynchidae) from Ciconiiform Birds

Kornyushin, V. V., Greben, . B.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/vzoo-2014-0058


A monotypic genus Proparadilepis Kornyushin et Greben, gen. n. (type species: Proparadilepis plegadissaakovae sp. n.) is erected. It is similar to the genera Paradilepis Hsu, 1935, Ascodilepis Guildal, 1960 and Dendrouterina Fuhrmann, 1912 and differs from them by the number and shape of rostellar hooks, armament of the cirrus and shape of gravid uterus. Its type species, P. plegadissaakovae sp. n. is described from Plegadis falcinellus L. It was found by . . Saakova and assigned as Paradilepis plegadis nomen nudum because its description was not published according to the criteria of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. The additions to the keys of gryporhynchid tapeworms (Bona, 1994) are proposed. The genus Dendrouterina is divided, according to the existing groups herodiae and macrosphincter distinguished by Bona (1975) into two valid genera, Dendrouterina and Mashonalepis Beverley-Burton, 1960.