Song Repertoire and Comparative Analysis of Song Structure of Chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs (Fringillidae), from the Northeast of Balkan Region

Tsvelykh A. N., Yablonovska-Grishchenko E. D.



The repertoire of chaffi nches from the northeast of Balkan region consists of 39 song types, 9 of them are most widespread. Comparative analysis of the chaffi nch song types from the Balkans and from Caucasus, East Carpathians, Crimean Mountains, plain regions of Ukraine was done. It revealed no Balkan song types in other regions. Chaffinch songs from Balkan are similar by structure to songs from the Caucasus and East Carpathians and quite different from songs from the Crimea and Ukrainian plains. In songs of Balkan chaffinches we discovered 106 elements. Five of them are specific for local birds, 101 were found in birds from other populations. However, 37 elements are common with ones in East Carpathian populations but they were absent in chaffinch songs recorded in the Crimea and plain regions of Ukraine. Common elements in bird songs from the East Carpathians and the Balkans may be an evidence of distant relations between these territorial song complexes and/or presence of relic elements in south mountain complexes. The rain-calls of Balkan chaffinches radically differ from those of birds of Crimea, plain regions of Ukraine and East Carpathians and quite identical to calls of the Caucasus birds.