Study of Biology, Morphology and Taxonomy of the Nematode Stephanofilaria assamensis (Filariina, Stephanofilariidae)

Saparov K. A., Akramova F. D., Azimov D. A., Golovanov V. I.



Biological characters of Stephanofilaria assamensis Pande, 1936, a parasite of cattle, were studied under environmental conditions of Uzbekistan with the emphasis on morphology of all developmental stages. Bloodsucking flies Haematobia atripalpis Bezzi, 1895, Lyperosia titillans Bezzi, 1907 and L. irritans Linnaeus, 1758 were established as intermediate hosts. Prevalence of the nematode larvae in the flies constituted 2.1, 1.5, and 1.2 %, respectively. Characters for the species identifi cation were revised. On that basis S. zaheeri Singh, 1958 is regarded as a synonym of S. assamensis. The place of Stephanofilaria genus in the system of Stephanofilariidae is discussed.