Genetic and Morphological Variability and Differentiation of Mussels (Bivavia, Unionidae, Anodontinae) in Ukraine

Mezhzherin S. V., Yanovich L. M., Zhalay . I., Vasilieva L. ., Pampura . .



Th e study of allozymes variation and sequence analysis of two mitochondrial genes supports the concept that there are four species of subfamily Anodontinae in the Eastern European fauna, three of them; Anodonta cygnea Linnaeus, 1758; A. anatina Linnaeus, 1758; Pseudanodonta complanata (Rossmassler, 1835) are indigenous and one is invasive (Sinanodonta woodiana Lea, 1834). This paper analyzes morphological diagnostic features of which some can be used in identification of these species.