Isodontia mexicana (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae), a New Invasive Wasp Species in the Fauna of Ukraine Reared from Trap-Nests in the Crimea

Fateryga, A. V., Protsenko, Yu. V., Zhidkov, V. Yu.



The North American wasp Isodontia mexicana was found for the fi rst time in Ukraine in trap-nests operated near Pushkino (southern coast of the Crimea) in 2012. Th ree nests contained five cocoons, from which only one adult wasp emerged in 2013, allowing the positive identification; other cocoons were either empty (one) or destroyed by Melittobia acasta (three). Such a find of a newly established invasive species in Ukraine represents the easternmost point in its European range and possibly the most remarkable jump-dispersal event in its distribution.